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We specialize in Dance Recital Videography.
However, We provide video services for any Event or Showcase.
We also edit and master your video footage onto DVD.

Yes we do Weddings. Please click here to visit our Wedding page.

We are conveniently located in Central Florida and are streamlined to travel & provide
an efficient videography service for any Recital, Event, or Show in the Nation.
We also now shoot in HD 1080p format.
We apologize that some of our shows in 2015 had to be shot in Standard Definition. The conversion to HD is extremely costly. Your DVD purchase helps us to aquire the proper gear to shoot your shows in HD. So please keep this in mind when deciding whether or not to purchase a DVD. We greatly appreciate your support and ask that you not copy DVDs. Thank you!

You can now order DVDs online via our Square Market Page.
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Please contact us if you are interested in videotaping live events for us.
You must be local to the Central Florida area.
Must have your own reliable transportation.
And must have a secure place to store all gear related to taping our events.
Pay depends on extent and locality of the shoot. Other factors apply.

If you are a Dance Studio Director or Owner,
CLICK HERE to find out more information on our Dance Recital Videography services.

There is no charge for our service.
We work soley off the sales of the DVDs.

For our current Studio Clients and Friends who have purchased DVDs,
click on the "Studios & Shows" link to find out information on your particular Dance Studio & Show.
This is also where you can find out how to order DVDs.

Please contact us to see how you can have us make professional looking DVDs made of your shows and please browse through our Web Site to find out more information.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to e-mail us at recitals@dvwvideo.com