What we do:
We provide the priceless memories of your shows and recitals onto DVD by recording them with professional equipment and with a professional attitude. Then we provide you with copies of your show edited onto DVD and offer it for sale to your dancers, families, friends and anyone who may attend your show. We will work with your Studio in whatever manner you choose to provide those DVDs to your Dancers. Our contract will be for a negotiated fee or by a minimum amount of DVD sales.

What might make us stand out above other videographers:
We are professionally trained and educated Videographers with real Film, Television, and Video Production experience. We have been taping Dance Recitals since 2004 for Dance Studios across the Country.

We attend rehearsals whenever possible so we can be as familiar as we can be with your performances and want to know what your key points are so we do not miss any important moves.

The DVDs we make come with a full DVD Design that we create based on your Show graphics. DVDs are designed with interactive menus that allow you to easily recognize and select a particular performance. Your DVDs will come with color graphics on both the DVD case and the DVD itself (always printed on, never labeled), and will always be provided in a standard DVD case.

We respectfully communicate with your sound and light techs and, when it is appropriate to do so, we offer suggestions in regard to sound and light so that we can make your video the best quality possible for what you have in mind and what your venue has to offer.

We are always reachable. Anybody who does business with us will always be able to e-mail us through our web site and we will always respond professionally and do our best to assist anyone with general questions about our services or with DVD playback assistance.

Please contact us to see how you can have us make professional looking DVDs made of your shows and please browse through our Web Site to find out more information.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to e-mail us.