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How long have you been dreaming of your Wedding Day? Almost your entire life? You've been playing the visions of it over and over again in your head. You are now planning and preparing it with great detail. This is no easy task.

Wouldn't it be nice, when you get back from your Honeymoon, to be able to relax and watch the events that took place on your Wedding Day? The Day you barely remember because it went by so fast and were too stressed to enjoy completely because of all the plans you have been making for so long?

A chance to ReLive the memories of your Wedding Day! That's what DVW Video Productions will make happen for you. All the precious moments of your Wedding Day will be left to fading memories if they are not captured professionally on video.

Your Wedding Video will be a Full Motion, Full Sound Experience that will be a timeless treasure; a family keepsake that you can ReLive anytime you desire and can be passed on through your family's future so they will know how you began your lives together.

If you do not have a Video professionally made of your Wedding Day, you will not have the proper opportunity to ReLive those moments. The money you spend for a Wedding Video will be the most valuable investment you can make on your Wedding Day. Your flowers will wither. The food will be all gone. All aspects of your wedding day will be but a memory if you do not have a Video to help bring those moments back to Life when you watch it!

It is your wedding! It should not be forgotten or left to fading memories. You should be able to always enjoy ReLiving it!

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Our Wedding Video Package starts at $1500 for 3 DVDs in the following order. . .
Pre-Montage, Ceremony, Photo Shoot Montage, Reception Highlights.
Extra services and video to enhance and personalize your Wedding Video will require extra fees, such as, Photo Montages, Interviewing guests, etc.

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